About Me + C.V.

On this page I talk a little about myself, my passions and you can find my C.V. at the bottom.
My name is Chelsey van Egmond, I’m a Graphic designer specialized in Lifestyle & Trends

I’m a perfectionist and will not stop until I find the right solution to your design needs. I attach great importance to ‘craftsmanship’, but also to service and prompt delivery.

Below my four main skills, which I’m always trying to improve.

Adobe Illustrator 85%
Adobe InDesign 80%
Adobe Photoshop 70%
Screen Printing 90%

Graphic Design

I can fill in your needs, from brochures, advertisements to vectorizing artwork.


Designing is my life and I will always try to find the perfect solution


I've perfected the art of Screenprinting from preparing screens to final product


I love interacting & working together in groups


Working & thinking along with a group is my forté

Production Planning

I can take care of your projects from A to Z

A little in-depth Chelsey
At a late age, I found the passion for Lifestyle & Design. In my late teens, I was constantly photographing and thought my passion would lie in this branch. I was denied access to a Photography course at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, but the year after I enrolled into a Lifestyle & Trends course at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam hoping to get near Photography this way.

During these years I found my true passion for Graphic Design and during my Internship, at an Art Gallery in Northern Ireland, I fell in love with the artisanal work of Screenprinting & Bookbinding. I gave lectures & workshops to local youngsters and people with learning disablities. I loved working with my hands and bringing artwork from sketchbooks & Computers to life as works of art on the wall and as everyday usable items.

Find my C.V. and the rest of my skillset at this little red button below